Can I do a BSc in maths after arts with maths?

If you are asking about doing a second major in the same area, this only makes sense if you cannot get admitted to graduate school.
A BA in mathematics and a BS in mathematics usually have the same upper divisions courses, so you would take more upper division courses and write a senior thesis. I believe you can achieve the same result in a master’s program.
Yes you can do Bsc in Mathematics,after arts with maths is a good decision because now you have the ideas which are related to real life situations very well example in economics subject you have come accross demand and supply that mainly work under the process of mathematics,
after pursing degree in Mathematics you can enjoy your real life with more sense of honour because whatever you see in real life that can be easily related to mathematics, in bsc mathematics you are going to study both pure mathematics and applied mathematics if you focus more about pure mathematics then you can have idea to solve the theorems by your own method of proof .
Traditionally, if the theorem statement is given we have to work for the solution but if you have good approach in defintion then you can start your back way of proofing the theorems i.e from the answer we can go to the thorems statement. Best wishes for your good decision, hope you will enjoy the real life with mathematics.

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