Can I get admitted to an MSc/MA in mathematics after a BA in philosophy?

Many students in the USA end up with a BA or BS in Mathematics as their Major and Philosophy as their Minor.
So, for them it is an option.
But you might be required to audit courses in Further Math based topics such as Multivariate Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Graph Theory, Probability Models, Bayesian Statistics and so on etc! It all depends on the university where you shall be applying to do an MA / MSc degree in Mathematics.


Similarly, if you have read an Oxford University styled degree, a joint honors / tripos in Philosophy and Math, you might be able to continue your research work in Math at the Postgraduate level or at the Doctoral Level with some additional tutoring in quantitative subjects.
But not every university can be compared to either Oxford or Cambridge.
Bertrand Russel, the great mathematician formerly introduced the application of Modern Mathematics into both Logic and Philosophy, back in the early twentieth century. This was done in addition to the other significant works contributed each by the Vienna School, Frege, Whitehead and Ludwig Wittgenstein in his book the Tractatus.
In most cases yes. But you must prepare yourself for the possibility of taking entrance exams in maths. And it is highly likely that it will be maths you haven’t learned at all, so check the programme.
Now. Would I recommend it? If you want to pursue an academic career, all what really matters is your connections and publications. The first component helps you find an employer and someone who will vet you while the second one proves your worth.
So, if you are a philosopher specialising in logic (I honestly don’t know other “philosophic” specialisations that can be realistically continued as maths specialisations), simply attend the courses you need at maths department in your spare time (note, that those seminars about Foucault are also your spare time now, so be prepared to work harder). You’ll obtain the knowledge you need and (if you want to) notes for these courses too.
If, instead, you are a “regular” philosopher specialising in, say, philosophy of language, you have almost no chances to successfully continue your education as a mathematician. But you want to. So, take a year off and try to learn (very intensively!) in that year what mathematicians learned during their Bachelors. It is almost impossible to do alone, so you’ll need someone who will agree to become your tutor. You’ll also need an incentive for them (i.e. money).
After that apply for a math Masters programme in a way that is required for those who don’t have B.S. in maths.

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