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The story of a unique marriage

The daughter of one of our distant relatives was married to their first child. The rites and ceremonies of the mothers and the henna had been performed, the dowry was delivered to the daughter’s father-in-law and the bad goods were delivered to them. Then, on the same rainy day, around …

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Difficulty reading and child abuse

There are some videos on the internet in which teachers are abusing their students while teaching. He is asking the children to read from the book but the children are not being read properly as a result of which they are being beaten by their teachers. They include schoolteachers and …

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Degree with intellect also ate humanity!

The nations that have developed to this day have made progress only through knowledge. The importance of knowledge alone cannot be overlooked. From ancient times to the present, every civilized and civilized society is aware of the importance of knowledge. Due to its compatibility with human nature, Islam It is …

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Higher Education

Political turmoil is on the rise. The government and the opposition are embroiled in rhetoric against each other. The media has no time for political coverage and commentary. In such a situation, who should pay attention to important national and public issues? Many issues require governmental and journalistic attention, but …

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