Does an MBA from a non-ivy league really have any value?

First of all, as others have mentioned, there are several elite MBA programs that are non-ivy. MIT and Stanford are two of them.
Furthermore, people get plenty of value from schools that are not considered elite business schools by any standard. The most obvious form of value is salary increase right after graduation. Many ordinary business schools offer considerable salary increases. According to Financial Times, people who attend Georgia Institute of Technology’s MBA program, increase their salary by 140%. This is obviously incredible value from an average MBA program.


Of course you should attend programs that are right for YOU. Someone who makes half a million at a top hedge fund probably won’t make a lot more by getting an MBA from Georgia Tech.
You can check out Financial Times’ MBA ranking to take a look at other programs.
I think the posters is really asking does an MBA from a non-”top” MBA program provide value?
As several answers have pointed out, there are non-Ivy League top MBA programs, including Stanford, MIT, Booth, and Kellogg. Let’s remember that the Ivy League is a FOOTBALL league consisting of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale. Princeton doesn’t even offer an MBA.
So let’s go back to what I think the poster really asked, and this is whether an MBA from a non-top program offers value.
That depends.
It depends on the program and on the student. If the student wants to go into business and doesn’t have business skills or network to economically achieve that goal, the MBA may be worth it. Of it he student attends a program with strong regional ties, and s/he wants to live and work in that region or if the program is particularly strong in a specific industry and the student wants to work in that industry, yes, the lower-ranked, non-Ivy program can have lots of value.
If the applicant, however, attends a program that isn’t strong in his or her area of interest or isn’t likely to increase earnings enough to justify the expense, then it doesn’t provide value.
For more on how to choose an MBA program, please see Best MBA Programs: A Guide to Selecting the Right One.

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