Education Competition: more than 500 selected candidates are called for nominations

The Government of Amapá published this Tuesday, the 9th, the call for 545 people approved in the public education competition for the appointment of a basic and professional education teacher, pedagogue, translator and interpreter of Libras (Portuguese language) and caregiver.

The naming ceremony will take place on Friday the 12th at Maison Nuance. It is the first group of candidates called.

More than 600 candidates are still in the documentary phase of the competition. The appointment is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

In total, more than a thousand new employees will be appointed before the first year of approval of this contest, which will initially be valid until July 14, 2025, and may be extended until July 14, 2027.

The competition was held in 2022 and offered 1,182 places for immediate vacancies and 3,820 for reserve registration.

“The need for new employees and the budgetary capacity to pay salaries. In 10 months of management, candidates from 8 competitions were called, which represents a historical milestone,” highlighted Governor Clécio Luís.

According to the government, new teachers start with an initial career salary of R$ 5,408.66, above the national educational minimum.