How can I get admission in an MBA in Canada with a 57% in B.Com?

Your undergraduate performance is one factor in the admissions process. Your test scores (GMAT/GRE) will also be important so you want to make sure that you do the best you can through diligent test prep. Many of the leading business schools in Canada offer webinars to learn more about their programs and admissions requirements, so I would encourage you to sign up for those or attend MBA fairs in your area.


As far as Canadian business schools you may want to consider, check out this article: 5 Canadian Business Schools Leading Innovation In MBA Programs In 2018
First of all, if you want to pursue and MBA, you would need at least 3 years of prior work ex. Any university offering you an admit for an MBA without work ex is not worth it.
If you have work ex, your profile will be viewed by a holistic approach wherein, graduate % will definitely matter but its not all, there are multiple factors such as GMAT score work ex, extra curricular activities, LORs, your SOP and internships. A 57% will be difficult to make up for, but its not impossible to do so.
Work hard now and walk the extra mile in the present, which you couldn’t walk earlier.
If you do not have work ex, you can go for MS in Management. Visit this link and it shall help you. Masters in Management in Canada: Top B-Schools worth targeting

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