I have attended universities overseas, can I apply as freshman in the USA to start over?

Many colleges are very selective about courses you can transfer from programs overseas, so you will likely have to start close to the beginning regardless of how you present yourself.

There is another, more important issue. You are seeking a scholarship, but even with a 4.0 GPA in high school it is highly unlikely that you will be offered a scholarship that can come anywhere near covering all your expenses. Even if you are awarded a scholarship, it likely will not be enough to qualify you for a visa to the United States (unless you can show a sufficient amount of liquid assets such as money in your bank account). 

Mr. Stagliano’s advice is also the best I can give you. Do your best to improve your grades and complete your degree where you are, and apply for a doctorate or master’s degree program. Graduate-level programs are more likely to offer financial assistance, although this depends on the college. Take your test scores seriously. Make your application as strong as you possibility can. I wish you the best of luck.

Generally no. If you’ve already attended a university you’re no longer a freshman. Most universities have three different admissions tracks in which you can apply as an undergraduate.
The most common is going to be first-time freshman. This is for people who have never attended a college or university. You go through the classic process of standardized tests, admissions essays etc.
If you haven’t graduated yet then you have to go the transfer route, this is defined usually as having earned more than twelve credits. Unfortunately transferring is usually more difficult; and depending on the institution, some colleges don’t even accept transfers to their most popular programs.
Finally if you have earned a degree, you go in a third route which allows you to kinda sorta skip the general education requirements of a bachelor’s degree (again depends on the institution) while just taking the relevant subjects to your new undergraduate degree.
However that being all said US institutions value overseas experience and would generally look at that as being a huge plus to your application.

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