Is it a good idea to pursue an online degree at the Grand Canyon University? Is it a respected university?

The university is accredited with the HLC (Higher Learning Commission) which is a regional accrediting body. In addition, all other programs that need accreditation have them. The campus is growing by leaps and bounds and has 19,000 students attending the ground campus and 90,000 total with online attendance. They cannot build fast enough. Some say the campus is 100 acres but the school owns more than 400 acres. The academics are rigorous. Most people who attend, I have found enjoy the programs.


The reviews give the school 4 stars on Niche as well out of 7981 reviews by university students. The overall grade for the university is B+ on Niche. I know several people attending and they really like the school. My wife and two daughters attend and I attend the doctoral program and am in the dissertation process. We are all in the online program. I can attest to the rigor and expectations of the school that they demand academic scholarship. Another friend of mine attends the online program and my twin brother just earned his MPA there online and they both like the school. If online degrees are so frowned upon, I wonder why some of the more prestigious universities are offering more online programs such as Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Duke, Penn State, Rutgers, and Purdue who is in the process of buying Kaplan University.
The graduates of the university have had good things to say about the school. I have been to the campus twice for residencies and the campus is big, modern, and beautiful. Instructors there are also on the cutting edge of the things shaping the economy today. One instance would be evening courses taught by professors on the development and use of blockchain technology for business. There are also communications the university put out showcasing the various advances in the school. There is a lot of community involvement and revitalization projects taking place through student volunteerism. I would say that it is a respected school.
If you decide to attend, you will be getting a solid education from a regionally accredited university that has had notable alumni, and PhD, EdD, DBA and etc. professors who are professional in my opinion. The education will be what you put into it. They are also constantly monitoring courses and designing them to meet today’s standards. That is my $.02. I hope it helps.

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