Is there a professional online degree program with certification for blockchain?

There is a strong likelihood that in the next few years, a certification will exist for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Currently, no major institution (MOOC or otherwise) offers a blockchain certification.
That being said, there are some courses being offered to teach people blockchain technology.


Stanford is now offering a blockchain course through their Computer Science program called CS 251 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. This is the first major university I have found to offer a course on cryptocurrencies.
B9Lab, a blockchain research organization, is offering a 9 week Ethereum development course. This is probably the most comprehensive course available concerning smart contract development.
If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, you might want to look at Udemy and their course offerings. Over the last few months, new course on smart contract development have been launched, a trend that is likely to continue.
While these aren’t certifications, it will certainly help you when one becomes available.
Try the CIO Certified Blockchain Professional training and designation bootcamp from Business Digital Transformation & Blockchain Workshops Training Canada.
While there are several programs many have a commercial or just an academic focus, and so are either very expensive (USD 5k to 20k) or take weeks to complete online.
Tbe transformationworx program was developed and the CIO certification is offered in partnership with the CIO Association, which is a not for profit with hundreds of CIOs, CDOs, CSSOs as members. So the courses are in class instructor led, and tbe 2 day bootcamp teaches you a year’s worth of material on blockchain and crypto.
It goes through the technology, architecture, various deployment models, consensus and popular public and consortium blockchains incl Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple (pseudo blocklchain). It also covers the many ecosystem players. Smart contracts, oracles, side and off chains are addressed.
Then they also cover cryptocurrencies and tokens, emerging business models, governance models, ICOs, DAOs, etc.
Over a dozen use cases and deepdive case studies are covered in many different sectors including FSI, telco, government, health, media and entertainment, transportation, travel, supply chain, retail …
Lastly, it goes through a mini MBA and teaches what you need to go from concept and use case to a blockchain business case and lean canvas.
Yes thats a bootcamp!
And its in Toronto, priced in Canadian dollars and costs a fraction of the other programs.
Make sure to checkout the faculty and impressive Board of advisors. Business Digital Transformation & Blockchain Workshops Training Canada
Full disclosure, I am associated with the program.

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