January 2024 commemorative dates for educators

The month of January is an essential time for educators. In the case of teachers, it is a period of well-deserved rest, ideal for taking care of their mental health or to place the daily reading. In addition to school holidays, some January celebrations are municipal holidays, which can be great for even more rest.

For school management, January is an opportunity to organize schoolsin addition to narrowing relations between management and coordination. The first month of the year can also begin reception of teachers.

List of commemorative dates for January

In the following list you will find the main commemorative dates for the month of January and indications of NOVA ESCOLA content on the topics:

  • January 1: Universal Fraternization Day;
  • January 4: World Human Rights Day Braille;
  • January 6th: Kings Dayof Catholic inspiration;
  • January 7: Mother’s Day Reader and freedom day Cults;
  • January 8: National Photographer and Women’s Day Photography;
  • January 9: Mother’s Day Astronaut and Fico Day;
  • January 12: anniversary of the city of Belém (PA)
  • January 20: San Sebastian Day;
  • January 21: National Combat Day religious intolerance;
  • January 25: anniversary of the city of São Paulo (SP) and the Malês Revolt (1835)
  • January 27: International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Holocaust;
  • January 29: Day of Trans visibility;
  • January 30: Mother’s Day National Comic;
  • January 31: World Human Rights Day Magic.