Public Competition in Joinville: Tests carried out for 300 vacancies in education

This Sunday (21) the objective and discursive tests of the public competition of the Joinville City Council for higher and secondary level positions in the Department of Education took place. This is the second competition carried out by the city council for the area since 2021.

In total, 4,012 candidates registered to participate in the first stage, held in Univille.

The competition offers 300 vacancies, 180 for senior-level positions and 120 for mid-level positions, in addition to vacancies for reserve registration in all positions.

For Early Childhood Education and Primary Education teachers of different specialties (higher level), the initial salary is R$ 2,215.51 for 100 monthly hours and R$ 4,430.97 for 200 monthly hours. Educator assistants and school assistants (mid-level) have a starting salary of R$ 2,747.45.

All vacancies have the possibility of additional bonuses, in accordance with Complementary Municipal Law 508/2018 and Municipal Law 9,214/2022.

The tests were administered by the Brazilian Center for Research in Evaluation, Selection and Promotion of Events (Cebraspe), responsible for the execution of the public contest.

All candidates took the objective tests, while the discursive test was applied only to higher-level candidates.

The next steps include individual consultation of the preliminary answer sheets for the objective tests, available between 7 p.m. on Tuesday (1/23) and 6 p.m. on Thursday (1/25).

The preliminary answer pattern for the discourse test will be available on Tuesday (1/23).

The documents will be published on the Cebraspe website, accessible through a link on the Joinville City Council website. (

The deadline for submitting appeals against the questions asked, the official published preliminary answer sheets and the preliminary pattern of answers of the discursive test is from 10 a.m. on Wednesday (1/24) to 6 p.m. on Thursday (25/1). 1).

On Friday (1/26) the official preliminary answer sheets for the objective tests will be released after the analysis of the resources.

The publication of the final official answer sheets and the notice with the final result of the objective tests and the provisional result of the discursive test is scheduled for February 19.

The other dates will be announced by notice and published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality of Joinville and on the Cebraspe website.