Should I, with Indian citizenship and a Bachelor’s degree from Canada in a STEM field, immigrate to Canada or the USA, given the choice to work in either place?

Be careful not to get ripped off.  Accredited US schools are all decent, but there are a lot of fly-by-night brokers in China that will just rip you off.  One problem that I have seen is that US schools often do not promote themselves in China, which creates an opportunity for brokers, and I’ve seen some Chinese-language brochures for schools in the US that are worthless.

I think the important thing in order not to get ripped off is to try to make contact with the Chinese student association of any university you are interested in applying to.  If the university that you are trying to apply to cannot provide the names and any Chinese students that are enrolled or recent alumni of that university, then be very, very careful.

The other advice is that the strong point of the US system is that the “average” school is pretty good.  As long as you avoid a school that is a total scam, then you should do OK.

You have not mentioned any skills or experience and if you are going for PR with just a bachelor degree, it will be extremely difficult. The Study permit in Canada or US will be much easier and faster option (especially if you have STEM subjects), which gives you chance to apply for PR, once you have had enough experience in Canada or USA.
Talking about the comparison of two countries in terms of providing the PR visa faster, the immigration rules, especially for the PR are much more flexible and lenient in Canada compared to USA. So, Canada is obvious choice for PR, if you are from India. Canada provides faster PR through its Express Entry system(FSW/CEC), PNP and other key immigration programs. Canada is also looking for skilled and qualified migrants to meet the skill gaps across its various industries and organizations.
Canada’s ICT industry alone will be creating about 1,80,000 jobs in next three years as per a survey report. Canada is also going to relax the family unification rules soon and with many immigrants serving organization active, it’s obvious PR choice for many across the world.
On the other end, the USA has got the tougher Green Card immigration rules,which will become even more difficult for you with Indian nationality. To get the best assistance in this regard you may send your queries at: or can directly talk to the Canada and US

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