What are the best startup online courses?

I am assuming that you specifically asked me to answer this question knowing that I run the world’s only global virtual incubator, One Million by One Million. Thus, my responses are biased. I have designed this program, its online curriculum, and all other nuances to make it the best in class. 

I will answer your question, however, with the design philosophy of the course, and suggest that as you evaluate other courses, you ensure that you evaluate them with the right framework:

(1) My observation when I started designing it was that the entire startup world’s entrepreneurship resources (courses, incubators, mentors) were focused on the less than 1% fundable entrepreneurs. And by that, I mean VC fundable. However, VCs generally like to come to the rescue of victory, and don’t fund raw startups. This begs the question: who is going to help you either become fundable, or decide that your business idea is not fundable by VCs, and develop alternate strategies for building the business. Over 99% of the businesses out there operate outside of the venture financing framework. Hence, the 1M/1M program focuses heavily on ensuring that we do NOT just come to the rescue of victory. 

(2) One of the most well-known programs for entrepreneurship learning is YCombinator based in Silicon Valley. It is, however, not online. We decided that we were going to be a 100% virtual, and 100% global program, and our course, mentoring programs, and everything else will be delivered online. Also, just as YC takes pride in how exclusive they are, we take pride in how inclusive we are.

(3) IMHO, a startup course is useless if it is purely theoretical. Hence, we have focused on making 1M/1M a practical, hands on program, where, you use online video lectures and case studies to actually work on your business idea / business challenges. For example, if you are trying to position your company, we offer you specific curriculum, as well as mentoring on that particular issue.

Also, we have over had 600 entrepreneurs share their journeys with us, and we have used these case studies to design every single module in the program. Thus, you get to learn from actual, successful practitioners, not just an instructor. The case studies are not only educational, they are inspirational. They tend to help you understand how to put one foot before the other. We have managed, for the first time in the history of Silicon Valley, to institutionalize the tribal knowledge that floats around here. And we have done it on a global scale. 

We split our course into Core and Electives. In Core, we teach Bootstrapping, Positioning, Customer Validation, Market Sizing, Customer Acquisition, Financing, and Team Building.

In Electives, we teach Web 3.0 and e-Commerce, Cloud Computing and Business Solutions, Mobile and Social Apps, Healthcare IT, Online Education, Gaming, and Outsourcing and Consulting.

The 1M/1M premium membership offers unlimited access to the entire curriculum (several hundred hours of material).

(4) We do not stop at just giving you a ‘library’ of content. We give you, also, a full interactive element. You can call it mentoring, consulting, coaching – whatever. Democratizing Management Consulting is a key element of our program.

(5) Fund raising: Important component of any entrepreneurship program. Try to understand how whatever program you join addresses that.

(6) Business Development – introductions to customers, channel partners, etc. are critical.

(7) Business Model: Pure courses come at various price-points. You can get a $99 course, or a $85k per year MBA. Incubators also, often, cost equity which can be very expensive. You need to understand what you get for what you pay. Here’s our model: $1000 annual membership fee for unlimited access.

At 1M/1M, our agenda is to help you figure out how to put one foot before the other and build a sustainable business, irrespective of financing. If you use the program the way it is designed to be used, you would be able to derive value from it on multiple vectors. Let me quantify that equation for you.
An MBA from a top school costs $85k per year. It doesn’t necessarily teach you how to navigate an early-stage startup. The 1M/1M Curriculum does. [Re: Democratizing Entrepreneurship Education]

McKinsey, Bain or BCG don’t like to work with small, sub $10M revenue startups, forget sub $1M. Good consultants charge  $5k a day. I did, when I consulted. The 1M/1M Strategy Roundtables combined with the Curriculum give you access to $100k+ of consulting that you would otherwise not be able to access. [Re: Democratizing Management Consulting]

CEO groups tend to charge a lot of money just for  a monthly meeting and nothing else. Vistage is one such that charges $1000 a month. 1M/1M Roundtables give you an opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs multiple times a week.

Good PR agencies charges $15k/month. We expose you to the world through our media channels, offering great coverage. [Check out: Coverage of Premium Members]

Add these numbers up, and you get over $375k per year of value for $1000 a year.

Add to that the network we introduce you to: customers, investors, channel partners, advisors, media, analysts.

We don’t take equity, either. You may think equity is free. Well, it isn’t.
We hope you will join us, and let us help you build a real business without wasting invaluable months and years of your life.

Good luck!

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