What is the least expensive accredited online degree program?

I’ve just done an article about this that lists a few of the least expensive accredited online degree schools. WGU, mentioned by Joshua, is certainly one of the more affordable, particularly if you can work through the program quickly (because they have a flat per semester tuition no matter how many courses you take). 


But there are some lesser-known schools that have a pretty low cost per credit but a good selection of degrees. Things have changed quite a bit since the economy melted down a few years back I think – there are far more online schools emphasizing affordability than there used to be. 

Just remember, when it comes the accreditation – regional accreditation is the best kind.

There’s no degree that can be termed as the least expensive accredited online program. It depends on what your major is, what college you go to, and whether or not you get financial aid. 

What kind of program are you looking at? I know that Stevens-Henager College has many degree programs in healthcare, graphic arts, business, and IT that can be pursued online. Moreover, the college is accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges). Visit their website if you’re interested.

Brentwoods offers accredited online degrees, diploma courses and certificate programs at affordable prices. 
In Bachelors degree the least expensive course offered by BrentwoodsOnline.comis Bachelor in Library & Information Science ($1600), while in Masters Degree the least expensive course offered are Master of Library & Information Science ($1300) and M.A. Insurance and Risk Management ($1300). 

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