What is the most suitable bachelor for architecture? Is it BSc or BA?

In my professional opinion and experience as a Licensed Architect, is that the main difference between a Bachelors of Science in Architecture (BSc) a 4-year program and a Bachelors of Architecture (BArch) a 5-year program is the seriously of the Architecture Student in actually becoming a Licensed Architect in the future.


I am much more in favor of students getting an BArch degree, as I did at USC, because once you complete your degree you can immediately start your career making money and working towards qualifying for your state licensure. The road to becoming a licensed Architect only starts after graduation from the right type of Architecture program.
The downside of graduating from a 4-year BSc degree program is that you are still not done with your education, if you ever want to be a licensed Architect. You will also now be required to go and get a Masters degree from the same or another university that will add at least another two years in the studio and classroom.
Why would you want to stay even longer in college and paying all of that additional tuition, fees and rent, when you could be already in the workforce at an Architecture firm proving that you are ready and qualified to take on the world and making money? 5-years for a BArch is tough enough but a BSc plus a MArch is a lot of extra time and money that I cannot justify unless you had to do it.
When I am interviewing students as interns or to hire, where they went to college and what type of Architecture degree program says a lot about how seriously they are taking their career towards the future.

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